To cancel or not to cancel?

By Anja Kruska | Adventure

To cancel or not to cancel

To cancel or not to cancel?

That is the question…

I am writing this the day after a storm with waves I have never seen or felt before. People, unattended cups and glasses all flying around. I myself was caught by a wave pounding the deck – good job I had followed safety instructions and had two hands on the safety line. I have never felt that much outside of my comfort zone.

Today, however, is a sunny day, and it is my birthday: I was welcomed by the crew with a birthday song. I received the beautiful gift of watching a large group of dolphins accompanying the ship, majestic Albatrosses effortlessly sailing over the waves and all around me the wide-open ocean with no land in any direction for a thousand kilometres. Today we crossed 40th parallel south, we are entering the roaring 40’s.

The journey in itself is a journey to myself. Facing nature by sailing the South Atlantic with its famous weather conditions. After the roaring 40’s come the furious 50’s and finally the screaming 60’s. Living for 39 days on a 50m ship, together with 57 people I have never met before. Crossing new zones of discomfort, gaining new experiences, growing. Combining this with all my previous adventures and what I have learned from nature to integrate this in the way I support my customers. This is what my business The Adventurous Entrepreneur is all about!

I still remember my excitement a year ago, sitting behind the computer waiting for the 12 o’clock noon to press the registration button, hoping to get a place on the ship. Yeah, late in the afternoon came the confirmation. I got a bunk on the Bark Europa! Sailing through the South Atlantic on a Tall Ship, like hundred years ago, to Antarctica. To explore the majestic 7th continent at the end of the world. Learning about the amazing animals living in harsh conditions. Enjoying the fairy ambiance created by clean air and eerie lights.

Now, can you imagine that six months ago I wanted to cancel this adventure of a lifetime?

Here’s what happened. One morning in Spring I woke up and felt terribly stressed. What am I doing, leaving my business alone for more than six weeks?

You may think why is that a problem? It isn’t the first time that I am going on an adventurous trip. Three weeks is still no problem. I learned that from my other adventures like kayaking in Greenland and Alaska. But six weeks gave me the creeps. It cracked my head.
Around Antarctica there is no Wi-Fi, no internet, only radio and satellite telephone.

On the ship I am disconnected from the internet. Very unusual nowadays. How can I run my business during that period? I cannot support my clients, they will feel neglected. Visibility decreases while not being on social media. I can’t answer requests, will miss out on leads.
I felt I am putting several years of hard work building up my business at risk.

If you ask me now “but Anja, you have known all along that it will be a long journey, haven’t you?”
Yes, I agree. But how often can you say no to such an opportunity? I don’t want to wait until the so-called right moment, because the right moment is now. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow you could be sick, you could have lost your business and have no money to pay for such a trip, you could even be dead. To go for your dreams needs courage!

So how come I did not cancel?

From experience, I knew that if I kept focussing on my problem -no internet- that would not solve anything and only give me negative energy. So I managed to tell myself “let go and trust that somehow you will find a solution”. I know it has happened before, so I trusted and could let go. That is, most of the time. I’m not saying I had no moments of doubt anymore, but then I was strict to myself, repeated my advice to myself and concentrated on all the positive things I could do for my business before the start of my adventure.

The answer to the problem I felt six months ago came only shortly before I left. I could start my personal adventure without stress about my business. I am glad that I trusted myself that I would find a way.

Would you like to know how I came to my decision?

Well, the deciding moment for me was when I realised that I really wanted to do and live both adventures. Both my business and my self-journey. Both are priority to me. When you recognise this, doors are opening by itself. I had made a mistake doubting the importance of one of the two. Thinking if I go for the one, I would have to forget about the other. Then, I decided that the one is no more important than the other and I let go of worrying about the hurdles I still had to take to realise both. Taking such a decision is part of the natural leader in you. Trust yourself, have an open mind, and opportunities will arise.

Please share with me how you would approach such a situation!

  • Faber Wolfgang says:

    Liebe Anja, wir gr??en dich! Du machst alles richtig! Wir leben schon lange nach dem Motto: jetzt oder nie! Nicht so viel denken oder reden, sondern einfach tun!!!! Genie?e die Tour mit allen Sinnen und sei herzlich gegr??t von Karin und Wolfgang. Ulla hat uns den link geschickt, wir bleiben dran!

  • Ailien says:

    Oh Anja, I am so happy you didn’t cancel!

    This is exactly the conversation I had with myself, before deciding I would go on a 2 1/2 month kayak expedition around the UK coast. Surely I didn’t have the money to go, surely it would be crazy to leave my clients the whole summer for so long?

    But then I reminded myself that my clients love me and probably wouldn’t leave me and that I could ask a friend to take over some of my work. Some clients might leave, but then surely I could find some new ones.

    Like your clients, my clients followed the stories of my expedition. They were in awe of the adventure. It inspired them to think that maybe they too could do more than they thought…. and almost every week since, one of them asks me when I go again! Actually, someone brought it up this morning!

    So, stay adventurous my wonderful entrepeneurial coach and friend, and keep inspiring us. Big hug, Ailien

  • Judith says:

    No choice … how can you be the adventurous entrepreneur without going on these trips? Without proving to people that their leadership requires them to commit, like you do, to what they believe in?

    This trip isn’t just for you – I 100% see this as part of your business – showing the lengths you are willing to go to to stand by what’s important and to step in to your leadership in situations that challenge you.

    That’s what leadership and the adventurous entrepreneur are all about, right? …. so I hope you’re writing this trip off again business expenses as you develop more skills and are leading by example – proving to those who you work with that doing things in your way, being adventurous, is what makes life and work – work.

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Wow, what a powerful message Judith! Love it and thank you.
      That happens when we don’t look further than our toes or getting stuck in our minds.

  • Tasha says:

    Anja I so enjoyed reading your post, it?s such fun to feel part of the adventure, and I do relate to the battle of the ego and the higher self. I too am learning to trust and have confidence it will all be taken care of and sorted out for me!

  • Ton says:

    Hello adventures Women! Congratulations with your birthday and with your decision to make this trip! You are telling the world such a great story, what?s the problem, you are on business!

    There will always be doubts about what to do. There will always be that voice that twists your All the times I jumped into such a story it brought me big presents.

    You are a brave entrepreneur and a great example for a lot of people!
    Enjoy your journey! I love you XXX

  • I can fully resonate with this, Anja. I know my thoughts can be sending strong messages that can hold me back, and I have learned to challenge those thoughts by asking myself: what can I do to achieve what I want to achieve? Usually, for me, it means asking for help?

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Saskia, thank you for your so valuable tip. Thoughts can be mighty and holding us back.
      Talking to somebody unblurs often my confusion in minutes. Such a relief ;-).

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