The Adventurous Entrepreneur
is about
embracing the freedom of uncertainty.

To live your Vital Vision, step into your amazing Natural Leadership,

align with your Deepest Truth,

and connect with your Inner Treasures to do business your way and impact the world.

Does this sound like you?

You are powerful

You are passionate

You truly love helping people

You thrive on pioneering and taking action

You are a purposeful entrepreneur on a mission

Yet, you ask yourself is this it?

Are you at a crossroads with your business?

Sure, you have a track record of success. But somehow you see momentum slowing down, you feel routine is taking over, or you work more hours for less money than you know you deserve. May be you even have lost purpose.

You crave for something more

"Your growth does not depend on how many adventures you embark on,   but on how you embrace the adventure of your life."

Have the courage to transform and rise to the next level in Business and Life.


Unveil which direction to take from this crossroads.

Get insights how you and the world can profit from your passion.
Language is no reason to stop you from discovering.
We can hold the session in Dutch or German too.

Be one with your NATURE, create delightful freedom and wealth; bring your vital vision and desires into reality.


Unique coaching to help you define your new vision and business purpose


Immersion experiences to help you find your natural inner strength and skills


Practical plans to progress and support your smooth migration from today to the new reality.

Awareness is the essence of discovery


WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you explored the terrain of your life, the nature you are
surrounded by, the business you are working on, and the customers you are serving?

Adventure Awaits you

Anja Kruska knows like no other to use the pure power of nature to unfold

your natural gifts, skills and wisdom.

Therefore Anja works mostly outdoors, in different surroundings worldwide. It is there where
you connect your inner landscape to the natural landscape

and unleash limitless confidence, creativity and freedom.

This turns every session into a deep, unique and challenging experience with an immense impact, much bigger than the usual office sessions.

Anja helped me get to a place that made me stop and take time out for myself. A hard thing to do for an ambitious, high energy executive!

Jessie Inman, CEO at MyLifeNow, Canada

Ailien Rhijnsburger

The Adventurous Entrepreneur is a coach with a difference. Personal, warm, digging deep to find my true nature and dreams!

Ailien Rhijnsburger, Director Travels with Paddles, UK

How can I support you
on your exciting journey?


One-on-one deep coaching

Our work together will be intense to

break through your barriers to clear

purpose and vision of your success.


Live Retreats

An intensive immersion experience,

allowing you to reveal your true natural competencies, ambitions and drive.

"You get in life what you
have the courage to ask for."

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