Dreams to die for

By Anja Kruska | Vital Vision

Anja Kruska Alaska

If you can dream it, you can do it!

I love this quote by Walt Disney and I want to tell why. Because to me is means what it says. I have never doubted that what I dream I can do and achieve in reality. How about you?

Actually, there is only one thing I thought I couldn’t do in reality. As a child, I dreamt that I could fly. Not in a plane or parachute, but just by myself. Standing on a hill, opening my arms and there I go. Steering with my legs and arms flying across the countryside, curving between trees and electricity cables like on a Formula One course and then landing by pure willpower. I was not only flying just out of fun. I flew so naturally and looked around if I could help or rescue people. I can tell you I had amazing nights!

Nowadays you can really fly by just opening your arms. In a wingsuit (called wingsuit base jumping) you jump from a mountain and fly for fun. The first part of a children?s dream has materialized. Amazing. It is made possible.

No, don’t get me wrong I am not the developer of the wingsuit and not in the business of base jumping. It was Franz Reichelt in 1912 who followed his dream and jumped of the Eiffel Tower in Paris dressed in his self-made parachute suit and died. Rex Finney dreamed of flying by himself too and in 1930 he managed using a wingsuit to fly and manoeuvre for some time horizontally and did not die.

Dreams to die for. Yours don’t have to be.

How can unfulfilled dreams wear you down?

“Follow your dream” is probably the most commonly expressed concept ever created.
It encourages us not to stay content in our ‘saf’? existence, what is safe anyway, but to make a leap, to follow the passion that would drive us if we gave it the chance.

The literature is full of success stories of people who left high-paying jobs to teach yoga on Ibiza, deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean or to run a Bed & Breakfast in Spain. People, who gave up what, on paper, seemed to be perfect lives, to go do something that they had never dared think of before. And might be poorer now, but happier. Or have more financial success then they’ve expected.

What does it do to you when the dream you have for years has not materializing yet? You don’t manage to get one inch closer to doing it?
When the dream turns into a burden?

You stop believing in achieving and feel frustrated. Why do others manage but not me? It has impact on your self-confidence, work and family. Should you give up? NO!

Over the years my ‘dreaming it into reality’ power received several reality bumps. Has that stopped me from dreaming and doing it? NO.

When I finished my ‘Hauptschule’ (German secondary school at the lowest of three levels) at 16, I trained as a horticultural farmhand. Yet I had the dream that I once would go to study at university. After many years of work and further training I realised my dream 16 years later when I entered the MSc study of International Agriculture at the University Hall Larenstein Netherlands and at University of Reading, UK.

Helping or rescuing people was the other important part of my dream. As a child, I wanted to help people in difficult situations. As I grow older the dream changed into wanting to help people to learn how to help themselves. Empowerment. That’s why I became a horticultural farm manager and trainer first, and a business coach now.

I believe that dreams grow with you and you grow with your dreams.

And here lies the secret.
A dream is a series of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during the REM sleep. A fantasy about something greatly desired.

The thoughts, images, emotions and sensations evolve with you when you get older, you gain more knowledge and you see more possibilities. You are not anymore as single minded as a child. Your world has grown bigger. Therefore, you have more choice and often more stress to make a decision.

Not long ago I had a conversation with a successful business woman about her dream. She was based in a huge city and for a long time she dreamed about living in a little city close to the sea. Then one time she went for some days to a little town at the sea to find out if she could live there. She loved it, yet could not decide to make the move. What held her back? She loves city-life, the social contacts, the cultural events and was afraid to lose all that. Two more times she spent some days at the sea but she couldn’t decide until she finally realised: “I can change it whenever I want and move back to the city. Nothing is forever if I don’t want it. It is me who holds everything in my hands.” Now she lives her dream happily at the sea and enjoys everyday a wonderful walk along the ocean.

Does that sound too easy? Might be, but you hold it in your hands. Nothing is fixed, you can change it. Earlier or later, it is always your decision.

If you want to pursue your dreams and get frustrated because you see others achieve their dreams faster, don’t give up and stick to your dream, at your own speed.

It is your Dream and you realise it in your Time.

Then: let the first step arise in your mind, visualize it until it is razor-sharp and then???

Take that first step to realise your dream…?

however small that first step might be

and finally


Share your dreams in your comment.

  • Tasha Chen says:

    Anja! I am very excited to watch your journey! Oh MY! I can feel my DREAMS calling LOUDER than ever! Thank you

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  • Lily Leung says:

    Thank you for your lovely post, Anja. It’s positivity has given me a much needed boost. I am a very mature person. As a younger one, I had two dreams, small really but huge to me at the time. One was learn how to ride a bicycle. Two was to learn how to swim. I was into my 40s before I did them well. But they were huge confidence builders.

    Today I am not feeling my best. Not feeling confidence in handling a situation. but reading your reads have put some confidence and joy into me. Thank you.


    • Anja Kruska says:

      Great achievements Lily Leung! Time doesn’t matter.
      Thank you for sharing your story. Lovely that I could ignite some confidence and joy in you.
      Don’t forget, you don’t have to walk the whole way alone. Get from time to time support to speed up your journey.

  • April Lemarr says:

    What an inspiring blog post. I loved the part where you said, “I can change it whenever I want and move back to the city. Nothing is forever if I don?t want it. It is me who holds everything in my hands.” I know you were specifically talking about your client, but it is so true. We might be scared to go through with some of our dreams, but we can always go back if it doesn’t work. This year I plan to travel with my son and I’m VERY excited, but a little terrified. The simple truth is that I can always go back if it doesn’t work. 🙂

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Amazing April! To tell you the truth, I discovered that when I am once on my way I never want to turn back. Me being curious I rather want to see what the opportunity behind the challenge is. Until now I’ve never encountered disappointment, but always magnificent moments!
      I wish you a wonderful journey with your son. Traveling brings us closer together.

  • Kate Benzin says:

    That is something to live by – nothing is forever, you can always change it. I think not understanding that is what holds lots of people back from taking a plunge into something that they’d like to do but don’t. Thanks for the post.

  • PeggyLee says:

    My favorite paragraph is the last one… “…you can always change…”

    I’m so glad you’re here!

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Yes PeggyLee, thank you for your inspirering comment.
      We forget so easily that we can move for example a chair in the living room from the right corner to the left corner. But do we do it? No, because we think that the chair ‘belongs’ to that very right corner.

      Similar to not changing the daily routine in business. Like starting the day with going through the emails and filling up the agenda with other peoples demands. Instead of starting with reflecting e.g. on what the whish is for today’s achievement. Or starting the day with production work like writing a blog.
      When was the last time you changed something important to you?

  • Julia Neiman says:

    What lovely introspection about dreams. My fondest dream is to become a philanthropist who supports entrepreneurship education for young people all over the world. I’m building that dream now. And I’m happy that you are living your dream.

    • Anja Kruska says:

      What a fantastic dream Julia. And it is so important to support many more young people in creating their life and business they really love.
      I had been working for several years in educating young poeple in entrepreneurship. Volunteering as a business woman in a Foundation.
      Young people have an amazing innovative way in creating business. I enjoyed it a lot.
      Would you be interested to exchange some more thoughts about it?

  • Maureen says:

    I agree; nothing is forever, and we can change things. Great blog.
    There is an App (and software) you can get that types for you while you speak. I?ve used it before and it is really good. It might speed things up a bit for the blog challenge, but won?t feel the same as actually writing it. Good luck with the challenge.

  • @robertz says:

    Hello Anja. We need to make our dreams reality or regret not trying. My wife and I moved to small seaside town in 2004, having been born in London, and we’re so glad we did. Sometimes these things are for good. We can’t ever imagine not living by the sea and the sound of traffic and aircraft is unbearable to us.

    When I was young, I thought it would be an impossible dream, but we just did it. Not all dreams are that easy, but we need to try.

    Many thanks for the blog. There are lots of things I’m trying and hope some will work.

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Hello Robertz,
      Lovely to read about your very life-changing experiences.
      I agree with you, not all dreams are that easy to achieve. I think it is important realising, while we are on our journey to make a dream to become true, time doesn’t belong here. Dreams are timeless.

  • Thank you Anja, for awakening in me my WHY for being outspoken about and openly sharing my dreams…
    It is my dream to speak for the UN about the importance, necessity, and urgency of each and every girl having access to personal development and education.

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Hello Saskia,
      Thank you for sharing your awakened big why.
      A great dream to get materialise. It’s so important to support young girls, our new potential generation. This fast developing world needs more personal development and education to master the life with more self-confidence and joyfulness.

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