You feel you need to declutter your mind,

get rid of the chaos and 

clean-up your business.

In essence: 
you want to be crystal clear what to do next 

in your business. 

Feeling amazingly fit for 2021

Being a dedicated entrepreneur you enjoy supporting your clients, but sometimes your business can be quite challenging. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Missing the overview over what to do and when?
Plenty of ideas for new products, but no time to create them?

Is your work not getting finished and do you feel the pressure increase?
You don't have time for yourself?

The business is not progressing as you planned, you loose money and you stop being clear about which activity has priority.


Does this frustrate you?

 6 Action Steps To

Boost Your Business in 2021

Achieve Clarity in Business


Start - gain control

Gain overview over your options, possibilities and ideas.


Project - declutter your mind

Sort through your to-do's, activities and opportunities and picture them.


Reorganise - back into connection

Achieve clarity in mind, heart and soul.

Know you didn't leave out anything, everything is visible to you and you feel good about it.


Identify - feel confident

You make a decision at that very moment on:

- what is important

- where to start

- the steps you will follow through during the coming period. 


Navigate - calmness

You naturally roll out a rough plan. 

You spare yourself stress and you save money because you are back on track.

You created more time for yourself, family and friends.


Go - crystal clear you take off

You take action with clarity, focus and confidence.

You work with impact, joy and efficiency. 

Take your advantage with the Fit-for-2021 offer

Within half a day one-to-one, you and me work together through the 6 Clarity Action Steps.
You leave the chaos behind you and achieve a cleaned-up mind.
You have an overview in your business and chosen which priorities come first. 

I make sure you leave out nothing of relevance.  

You make crystal clear decisions about what to do for the following 3 months. 

This full Chaos to Clarity coaching is € 485,- excl. 21% VAT for half a day (inclusive thee, coffee) and will be booked in as soon as your payment has been made. 

Extra included is a 'keep your track' moment. Which is a follow-up 3 weeks after your session.

From Chaos to Clarity coaching takes place live and outdoors (only on special request via Zoom).

Want to talk and enjoy the 'from Chaos to Clarity' session in Dutch or German language? 

No problem, just let me know.

Give me  notice if you want to do the coaching in Dutch or German.

Anja Kruska (MSc), Adventuress, Executive Coach, Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and more.

With her third company The Adventurous Entrepreneur Anja supports enterprising and pioneering women to re-discover the essence of their natural leadership. To lead their business and life in prosperity, with purpose and joyful passion.
Her transformative leadership coaching, adventurous escape retreats and trainings take mostly place outdoors, in and with nature.

"Clarity is the key to your amazing natural Leadership"

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