Our story is important

By Anja Kruska | Geen categorie

Our story is important

Our story is important. Your story is important. Let me explain. It’s the 8th of March International Women’s Day 2019. The sun shines through the high windows of the Victorian hall. We are sitting close together in this historic setting in Windsor UK. 90 women from all over the world have gathered full of excitement for the Conference ‘Destined for bigger things‘. Later today the book launch of ‘Notes to my younger self’ volume 2 in the ‘Pay it forward series‘ by Kezia Luckett will follow.

A week ago, right on the first day of the Kindle launch on Amazon, I got my hands on this inspiring book. My good friends and colleagues Saskia van de Riet, Judith Quin, Shane Moore, Flavia Powell, and Loubna Zarrou are some of the 18 co-authors, all sharing their ‘Notes to my younger self’. Until this International Women’s day I had read already seven of the 18 authors.

Yes, I recognised that I have my own story too: the adventure of vulnerability. To be honest, I was a little shocked and sad. Why? Because of reading about so much psychological and physical abuse and other kinds of hardship in those women?s lives. I am definitely not walking through society with my green-blue eyes closed, but reading the revelations of so many different women lives is quite impressive. Learning how much impact your childhood has on you until you discover that you are not agreeing with the way you live your life at that very moment, unhappy, painful, unhealthy, broke or lonely. Until you discover that there is some other part in you, more of your true self.

But WOW, seeing and talking to these women during the conference and listening to what they are doing now and what they have achieved in their life and business is really powerful.

Your story is important! To recognise the parts that we don’t want anymore is important! Those parts don’t need to determine the rest of our life.

Each and everybody of us have the power to change what’s not feeling right in life.

The gift to us readers from these women authors of the ‘Notes to my Younger Self’ is, change your life, and create a new story about yourself for the adventure of your lifetime. A Warm Big Thank You to all women of contribution.

Please let me know what you would share in your story?