Boom – Stuck in the freeze mode

You normally enjoy your work and all of a sudden something hits you, ?Boom? there you are – frozen in your action.
What? Why? How can that be?

Freezing up is so frustrating. You sit without any movement. Like being imprisoned in this very moment. Realising and seeing around you a lot of things happening but you can?t move an inch! You don?t manage to get one single step forward.

While looking on your list of today?s and yesterdays tasks they are shouting at you ?I am still not done?. The moment of shame arises. Shame of not being master of yourself, not getting into action. Sitting frozen on your mountain of knowledge and not being in the position of using any of it. Feeling guilty towards your partner or family not making income.

You get nothing, really nothing done. You cannot sleep. You feel devastated.

How does this influence your happiness, your motivation or your purse? Simple. No results, bad black humor, quarrels with your partner and family, no sleep, low self-esteem and no cash to fill your bank account.

You hang on a lifebelt thinking: ?Luckily, I still have some customers to work with.? But for how long are they going to be loyal to you? Even though they are your biggest fans they are not the ones to show potential customer what you could help them with, or how full of impact you are with your business. You are not visible for the outside world.

And you know what makes it even worse? The monkey on your shoulder whispering into your ear: ?You can?t do this. You are not worth it. Come on, stay with what you always did.?

Undoubtedly, yourself and your business are just suffering.

So, what to do? First, when you recognise this rising ?freeze? feeling, take your phone and call a good friend or colleague. Chat about the things your are busy with. Share your thoughts and feelings with somebody you trust. This helps to stop you worrying, gives you positive energy and confidence in what you?re doing.

Then, check out why the freeze feeling is emerging in you. Aren?t you feeling good at what you are doing? Have you been looking and comparing your business with other businesses, giving you an uncomfortable feeling? Or did you get insecure as a result of some feedback from one of your customers or colleague?

These are some of the questions that help you to become aware of the reason behind the rising freeze mode.

Take a moment, breath and check this out. Is it really true? And if yes, what can I do about it? Does the feedback make sense or is it from a customer who is always complaining? Finding an answer is the first step of melting down your freeze.

What questions can you ask yourself to unfreeze?
Please, share your questions below in the comment field. You will receive another set of example questions you can ask yourself too.