Are you Crystal Clear on 
your Burning Desire?

3-Day Dive-Inn Adventure Retreat - Boost your Clarity and Confidence

21, 22 and 23 February 2019

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Sometimes we are so busy putting everyone else first..., children, clients, parents, bosses. We play so many different roles in life: 

wife, business woman, daughter that we lose sight of who we really are and

what we want.

Imagine giving yourself the gift of 3 'Me-'Days in nature, to manifest your desires in 2019?

  • 1
    Everyday demands
    Put the demands of your everyday existence on hold, slow down, free your mind from the daily stress. Immerse yourself in an adventurous environment and dive into your essence. 
  • 2
    Nothing but YOU 
    With a small group of inspiring and motivated women you focus on nothing but YOU. You gain clarity and confidence about the moments you truly want to create this year. 
  • 3
    Experience the 3-day dive-inn adventure retreat
    Experience the 3-day DIVE-INN retreat in an intimate setting.                                   Empower yourself in these 3 days and create a bright vision with which you get to work.
  • 4
    Anja kruska's and geeke booij's adventure dive-inn
    Will be held at a place close to Arnhem (Netherlands), in the middle of peace of mind giving nature.              
  • 5
    During this amazing experience we'll take care of every detail, so you can slow down and concentrate on just one thing - to realise Your Burning Desire for this coming year 2019.

Your journey starts with the decision to get up, ?go out and live to the full." Oprah Winfrey

Start your Self-Journey and discover the
7 keys to Clarity and Confidence

  • Gain insight into your burning DESIRE the foundation for a joyful business and life.
  • Save time by taking 'Me-time' to set free your INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY.
  • Intensify your VITALITY and Self-Care* for a higher and happy performance in business and life.
  • key
    Uplift your resilience and confidence by EMBRACING your natural wisdom and knowledge.
  • key
    Spare yourself frustrations, go for clear INTENTIONS and CHOICES to make leaps in your business and life.
  • key
    Ground yourself, NURTURE your intuition and wholeheartedly connect with your inner self to focus on what you want to achieve.
  • key
    Set your compass and NAVIGATE intuitively to a more passionate and prosperous business and life.




This 3-day Dive-Inn retreat is an adventure with no place for a 9 to 5 schedule.
We love surprises and will take care of surprising and creative assignments. Working in and with nature includes also a little pioneering with the daily weather conditions and challenges you might encounter with yourself. You will have several moments of rest and of course these 3 days will being off-line.

Day 1 

Dive in: on the first day of your arrival you leave behind your daily routine, obligations and your communication with the outside world.
You start your self-journey and will dive deeply into your essence to find your burning desire and access your inner peace and energy. The motto:" letting go...!"

Day 2 

Your point of view: you will look into your inner strength's, the precious knowledge that brings you closer to your burning desire.
You explore which talents -some might be even unknown to you so far- can help you to achieve this. 

Day 3 

Re-ignite and Set your Compass: the first two days have given you wisdom, new insights and experiences.
With new zest and inspiration you will set your compass to the right direction to get into action to realise your burning desire for this year.  


Keep your inner Compass on Course: to support you further after the Dive-Inn, we will have one Keeping-you-on-Course Coaching call. It can be live in person or via Zoom. 

When and where?
  • Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 February 2019
    Takes place in the Arnhem-region, Netherlands.
  • After registration we will make an appointment for a short get-to-know-each-other call
  • Start location and other information will be sent after registering
  • Small group of maximum participants: 8
  • The Dive-Inn will be held in Dutch or English depending on the origin of the participants.
    Please contact us for more information.
What do you need?
  • Physical condition: this is not Expedition Robinson? but we expect that you are physically fit, that is sufficient energy for a good 1,5 hours walk. Any doubts (women mostly underestimate themselves :-)), phone or Whatsapp me without hesitation +31-61 90 45 252
  • Packing list: will be sent after registration
Your investment to boost your clarity and confidence
  • Take advantage now of the early-Penguin-price € 795 ex VAT (BTW) the offer ends on the 9th of February.
    Normal price € 1495 exclusive VAT (BTW); all meals, drinks and (basic) accommodation included
  • Be AWARE this is an adventurous trip, many things are different to what you might have experienced before, be flexible and confident.
  • The Dive-Inn general conditions apply


Anja Kruska (MSc), Adventuress, Business Coach, Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner and more.

With her third company The Adventurous Entrepreneur Anja supports ambitious and enterprising global women with compassion to (re-)discover the essence of their natural leadership. To lead their business and life to prosperity, with purpose and joyful pleasure.
Her transformative coaching, adventurous retreats and trainings take mostly place outdoors, in and with nature.

"Clarity is the key to your amazing natural Leadership"

Geeke Booij, Haptotherapist and Coach. All her life  active in healthcare, she helps people to strengthen their health, energy and to take charge of their own life.
She combined all her knowledge and insights in the Self-Care Map, a simple method to let you Feel Better.

"Stromend, Stralend en Scherp."

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