When was the last time you celebrated a success?

By Anja Kruska | Inspiration & Motivation

How often do you forget – like many other entrepreneurs – to celebrate an important moment? It is totally natural to celebrate each year birthdays or religious special days, by handing over gifts and speaking lovely words. But when was the last time you celebrated an achievement in your business?

Probably your partner or a colleague reminded you that you reached something excellent and you overlooked it. Because after reaching that goal you started thinking immediately on reaching the next goal on your list. You see the results, the little happy-making hormones are released, and they drive you on to the next goal. But, if you forget to celebrate and un from one goal to another, isn’t that like setting a day-to-day routine? Doesn’t that create a kind of boredom?

What happens when you continue to skip celebrating your?successes?

Skipping celebrating your successes continuously does have horrendous consequences.

Just for a moment, imagine you have a dog. You throw him a stick, the dog will run and fetch it – smiling brightly at you to receive a compliment in the form of a cookie or some cuddle. Now visualise the same round again, but this time without giving a compliment or something to eat. What do you think how often your dog will be willing to fetch more sticks for you? Maybe the dog does it three or four times. And what happens then?

Now imagine yourself, your heart, your mind and soul. How long will you keep going without receiving a compliment or a present for the successes well achieved? I know this will make you very unhappy in the long run. Still achieving what you want to achieve, but forgetting to be happy about it. For you, the joy of doing the work will then have turned into just work. Work, which has to be done. It is a chore. You don?t want to have a business or a job to do just chores. If you?re not sure about this, remember how joyful your dog can be.

How do you celebrate your successes in a natural way?

Let me first share with you an example from my business life.
A year ago I jumped into the adventure of helping Sammy Blindell organising the very first Entrepreneurs Brand Builders Club Live Day, in the Netherlands. Quickly I enjoyed my role as ambassador and organised the day with a team of amazing pioneering entrepreneurs who all wanted to have Sammy coming to the Netherlands to train us live in How to build a Brand.

I particularly loved being the first Entrepreneurs Brand Builders?ambassador. I love pioneering. Before, during and after, there were many enjoyable moments for me. I had a vision of a special venue for this special day. So, I came up with a church. Hallelujah! When participants entered it they were overwhelmed by the huge space and light. I thought it was lovely to welcome them to this venue and seeing everyone’s surprise at attending a business event in a church. Another wonderful moment for me as an ambassador of this international movement was when one of the day’s speakers was so inspired by the church that she did a spontaneous voice sounding with the participants.

We finished this amazing day and happy manifestation of the first ever live Entrepreneurs Brand Builders Club Day by celebrating in a local pub. A brilliant way of connecting in style.

So, following my example, how could you celebrate your achievements?

The most natural way for you is to ask yourself these questions about a recent accomplishment:

  1. How does this achievement make you feel?
  2. How important is it for others?
  3. How can you share your accomplishment with others?
  4. Do you want to celebrate it because other people are expecting it from you, or does the wish come directly from your heart?
  5. How much will you still remember this success in 5 or 10 years time, if you don’t honour it?

“A good life is a collection of happy memories.”

For me, it is now time to celebrate the first anniversary of this exciting Entrepreneurs Brand Builder Club adventure, on the 17th September of this year. Which is exactly what I am going to do!

Since then, three more really fantastic ambassadors in the UK, US and Canada took on the task and the second Entrepreneurs BBC Ambassador for the Netherlands has taken over from me.I am now also the first ex-ambassador. So, I am taking it upon me to create a special day – this first anniversary is a fabulous way of honouring?

all the Entrepreneurs Brand Builder Club Ambassadors and I am happy to continue to inspire and support them. Watch this space.

Share in your comment: how are you going to celebrate your recent success?

  • I’m so happy to see this post, Anja. It is so important to celebrate just being here! I love how you expressed celebration and the questions that you offered.
    Thank you!

    • Anja Kruska says:

      Lovely to hear and nicely said that we should celebrate for just being here.
      Osho says: “Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.”

  • Jyll Hoyrup says:

    I’ve recently talked to a girlfriend about this exact subject as I recognized I was not celebrating myself. Great advice and questions to ask, thank you!

  • Wow, Anja, I love your energy in this post – and this is precisely how I have to come to know you: full of wisdom, adventure and fun. That analogy with the dogs speak a thousand words… I am going to celebrate my success of writing, posting my 17 blog posts this July by buying myself a nice, inspiring book that I can read, implement and pay it forward by handing it over to another woman who wants to live, love and leave her legacy.

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